Monday, October 15, 2007

We are Bloggin again baby!!!

Elizabeth is a butterfly princess for her 6th birthday!

Tanner and I hanging out at his house, where I usually hang out when the kids are at their Dad's house.

Autumn, Travis and I at Tanner's Dads big birthday party!!!

Kaya's first day of school

Elizabeth's first day of school!


FishHead said...

I approve of your screen name, an excellent choice. Glad to see you're back in the game.

Rachel said...

Yeah, I was just gonna say... nice screen name!! :) Great post. I love the pics... the girls look so cute on their first days of school!!

norwegian blond said...

Great to see you blogging! I love all of the pics..keep them it up!

Rachel said...

Okay you've hit your one month aniversary and we need an update! Love you.

norwegian blond said...

The reading public is awaiting your next posting.....^^

BooBah said...

i didn't even know you were posting again until I looked at Rachel's blog.